# bash array containing the paths to the schematics of each board, without the .sch, # refdes offset to apply to all components, and location of board in the panel # location is specified by (a,b,c,d) where (a,b) is the coordinates of the top-left corner, # and (c,d) the bottom-right corner PANEL_CONTENTS=("sdr3/sdr5 0 25,25,100,73" "/persist/vna/pcb/main4 1000 101,25,125,57" "sdr3/zynq_som 2000 25,74,74,125" "misc/sd_checker 3000 75,75,125,125") #XY_REMAPS+=("100.5,57,125,75" 0) # either "global" or "individual"; global means one mapping file is used for the entire panel, # named $panel.mapping.csv; individual means every member has its own mapping file, named # $member.mapping.csv, where $member is the path to the schematic without the .sch BOM_MAPPING_MODE=global